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Wall of Pictures

I just thought I would share my first “wall of pictures.”  I have always been a little intimidated to hang them together in a ‘random’ order.  It’s not perfect, but I find joy in it’s imperfect personality!  These are special pictures of friends…my family…my babies…my brother.

Shabby Chic Frame Make-Over

For the guest room I wanted a pop of color.  A year or two ago I bought a small can of yellow paint for .50 cents at Lowes, so I figured it was time to put it to good use.  I had two old frames that were just sitting in a box.  One is actually a clock corkboard, so I added pics of my babies!

Since they are going in the guest room, I decided to distress them a little to match the rest of the decor in the room.  Perfectly shabby chic!

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  • Katie’s Cupcakes Creations

    Be prepared to be wowed in this post!  My friend, Katie, makes cupcakes look so good that I think she should write a book about her cupcake creations….seriously!  She is the kind of girl who gives everything when she tackles a project, she goes all out!   Below you will find her thoughts and tips about her baking and decorating.

    Cupcake Creations (in general)
    - I get many of ideas and creative juices flowing from other people.  This hobby started with inspiration from a book called “Hello, Cupcake” and its sequel “What’s New Cupcake?”
    - I use Deluxe Moist White cake mix for all these examples – can’t seem to beat it.  After cooled I freeze them, which makes it easy to do these “big” projects in smaller steps.  When I’m ready to icing, I do not let the cupcakes defrost but rather put the icing right on, which seals in the moisture, making it extra good (a tip I learned from my sister-in-law’s mom)
    - The icing is off the Domino’s confectioner sugar box – the split between vanilla and almond extract makes it the best I’ve ever tasted (learned from my mom!)
    - Almost all the techniques used to decorate the cupcakes are VERY simple…they just take time
    - The base is a big piece of cardboard with wrapping paper or fabric that matches the theme.

    Star Wars Scene
    - The Millenium Falcon (big space ship) has cupcakes double-stacked for a 3-D effect.  The silver “sheen” is cake dust you can “paint” on dry with a small brush (wait until the icing dries)
    - How did I design it?  Found pictures on the internet and just tried to replicate it as best I could
    - Note: graham crackers with icing make a lot of the upper level shape; mini Oreos are used
    - The little Tie Fighters’ wings are sugar cookies cut in a hexagon shape
    - You may not be able to tell from the picture, but the cardboard base was covered with black wrapping paper; I taped small boxes also wrapped in black paper to the base; draped a sheer fabric with rhinestones over it all to simulate “space”.  Some of the Tie Fighters were placed on top of the boxes to give the 3-D effect of battle in space

    Fire Truck
    - Cupcakes are great for large parties – it’s so easy to just pull off a cupcake, rather than cutting a cake
    - I usually design my creations off of the theme for the party – hence the napkin next to the cupcakes
    - Some decorations that may not be obvious:  the wheels are done in black icing and rolled in a plate of black sprinkles; the window and “Happy Birthday” sign are made up of graham crackers cut with a small pairing knife (very carefully, so as not to break them); the ladder is made of pirouettes rolled in corn syrup and then rolled in yellow sprinkles

    Easter Scene
    - This is another approach to cupcake creations – an “Easter” scene of chicks, bunnies, etc.
    - The cross is made out of melting chocolate (you can get them from a craft store, like Michael’s) – melt in a plastic baggie in the microwave (per instructions on the bag), snip a corner, and squeeze onto wax paper in the shape you want.  I used a toothpick to swirl the yellow into the brown chocolate.  This takes a bit more technique, but a tip is to let the chocolate cool off a bit, so it more “slowly” comes out
    - The “fuzzy” feathers on the chicks are coconut with yellow food coloring (put both in a plastic baggie and massage until coconut is evenly colored).  I icing the cupcake and then roll in the coconut.
    - The heads of the chicks/bunnies are mini cupcakes; the eyes are mini chocolate chips; ears on bunnies are marshmallows; noses/beaks are pieces of molded Starbursts

    Little Girl’s Bear Birthday
    - You can also focus on individual cupcakes – each one has a unique “presence”
    - I got the bears idea from “What’s New Cupcake”, using donut holes for the heads and caramels for the arms/feet
    - The little presents were these new Little Debbie strawberry cake thingys that I cut in half and piped a bow on

    I told you she was THAT GOOD!!  Thank you Katie for sharing your pictures and “how to’s”.

    Shabby Chic Guest Room

    The guest room make-over is finished!  My goal was to stay on a small budget and still achieve the shabby chic look.  Goal accomplished!! 

    Here is the before-

    Here is the after-

    Last week I bought an interesting piece of furniture that I decided to break up and use as two night stands.  I love the way they are perfectly mis-matched:)

    Here you can see how everything goes together.  I distressed the nightstands and headboard alike.  The antique white in the bedding matched the heirloom white in the furniture.  The lamps are very creamy.  I added the yellow for a pop of color.  The photos of are of our wedding reception, I love how the yellow looks good in the frame.

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  • Steph’s Cakes

    Steph is a good friend of mine who can really decorate a cake!!  You will see from the pictures below that her cakes are beautiful and creative.  I also must mention that Steph not only can decorate cakes but I have seen her throw parties and showers that are classy AND budget friendly.

    Here are her cakes and tips.

  • Freeze cake before icing layers…especially if you are carving the cake into any shape. Freezing the cake minimizes the crumbs when icing it.
  • Make sure to use room temperature butter when making icing. This ensures that your icing will be smooth and fluff.
  • When making layered cakes, go easy on the icing between the layers. Too much icing will cause it to ooze out when you start stacking
  • Don’t be afraid to make a template when creating a specific design, shape, or picture on a cake. I tend to draw/print it out on white paper first. Then I use a toothpick to “draw” it on the icing. If I mess up, I can smooth that little part out and keep going. Then, I just the icing tips to trace over it.

    Thanks to Steph for sharing her tips and pics.  The best news is that she is going to be making a 50+ lady bug cupcakes and she said she would e-mail me pics!  Woohoo!

    Beautiful Cakes and Celebrations

    The truth is that I have been blessed with the ability to decorate and make just about any old thing look good again, but I do NOT have the ability to bake.  Thankfully God has blessed me with great friends who really know how to make a cake look GOOD! 

    So I thought, why not share some of the beautiful cakes some of my friends have made!   That way the rest of us can admire and learn from their work.

    Heirloom White Makes It Beautiful

    This past weekend I scored this piece of furniture at a garage sale for only 10 dollars!!  What made it even better was that it was already taped and primed.  Two less steps for me to do!!  Woohoo.

    Since it was already primed the only prep work I had to do was to sand it smooth with fine sand paper.

    Next I used Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint to paint it.   The best way to spray is to use quick motions and very lightly.  Avoid over-spraying.  It’s better to do one more coat than to have drips.    I did three coats to ensure even coverage.

    Once the paint was totally dry I used a medium grit sandpaper to distress the edges and corners. I love distressing furniture, it adds so much character.

    Here is the finished product!  For now I plan on using it as a nightstand.  I still need to add new knobs and accessories to dress it up a bit, but I must say I love it!