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Vintage Bath Accessories

I saw the picture below online at Pottery Barn, and I fell in love with the vintage jars with bath salts and lotions (look at the middle shelf!).  I knew I could recreate my own and proudly display them in our guest bath.

Modular Wall Storage

Here is what I made!!  I must say, they turned out even more beautiful than I expected:).

Here is what I did-

1. Bought a few glass jars at an antique mall (thanks to Mindi!).

2. I scrubbed them really really hard.  Then let them dry.

3. Filled the big one with bath salts.  The medium one with body lotion.  The small one with baby powder.  I tied the tops with small pieces of plastic from a plastic bag, then overtop I tied burlap with twine. 

4. I already had the french country scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.  I just cut it and hot glued the paper in place. 

5. Wrapped the glass with twine.