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Antique Window

This window frame is from an old building in Denver.  It happily sits above our fireplace mantle.  I cleaned it up and added the verse.  It fits our family perfectly!

French Country Frame

I wish I had a before of this frame, I don’t know how I didn’t take one!  It started as a simple GOLD frame, with nothing more.  I painted it heirloom white, used fabric from hobby lobby as the center piece, and hot glued twine to hold the pictures.

This jar sits under it.  (Thank you Tara for the idea!)


Adorable Onsies

A few of my best friends have had babies this spring.  So I made each of them a onsie!  Every new baby deserves a unique and precious outfit to wear their first months:)

Pottery Barn Inspired Mason Jars

PB sells some super cute mason jars.  I have had my eye on them all spring, but they are just a bit too pricey for me.  So….I decided to make some of my own.  I love them!  Here are a few pics.  I can use them for flowers or candles.  There are 10 total!!

Pottery Barn Inspired Banner

Here is the banner on Audrey’s barn door headboard in her room.  Super cute!

Shabby Chic Window Pane

Old window panes are so much fun to use around the house.  This pink one came from an old building in downtown Denver.  The homeowners were ready replace it with a new energy efficient window, and I couldn’t be happier with their decision since I am the proud new owner of that beautiful old window.

I added some scrap booking paper behind the glass to create some interest and depth.

Burlap Wrapped Vases

Burlap adds so much texture to simple things!  The vases seemed naked, so I wrapped them in burlap.  Oh, and before I wrapped them I used a stencil, some heatnbond and all brown fabric to add that design.  I love the texture!


Cherry Blossom Design

That past few weeks I have indulged in two of my favorite hobbies, furniture refinishing and crafting home decor items. With the help of a close friend of mine we have set up our first booth at a local Antique mall, and as a result Cherry Blossom Design has been born!  I am so excited to use some of our giftings and talents to make a space beautiful!!  Here are some pictures of our shop, Cherry Blossom Design.

Cherry Blossom Design

Distressed Armoire


Distressed Rocker and Hand Painted Pillows

Refinished Black Hutch

Right Corner of Shop

Kids Corner


Handmade Tutus and Onsies


Old Rustic Made Frames with Music Sheets


Grey Blue Wood Frame, Set of Three


Numbered Pots


Purses, Hats, and Clutches


I hope you enjoyed!  There will be much more to come in the days ahead as I work on new pieces of furniture and try new things!  I will keep you all posted:). 

Note- Not everything is for sale in these pictures, most, but not all items.  A few things were added for decor and display only.

Vintage Bath Accessories

I saw the picture below online at Pottery Barn, and I fell in love with the vintage jars with bath salts and lotions (look at the middle shelf!).  I knew I could recreate my own and proudly display them in our guest bath.

Modular Wall Storage

Here is what I made!!  I must say, they turned out even more beautiful than I expected:).

Here is what I did-

1. Bought a few glass jars at an antique mall (thanks to Mindi!).

2. I scrubbed them really really hard.  Then let them dry.

3. Filled the big one with bath salts.  The medium one with body lotion.  The small one with baby powder.  I tied the tops with small pieces of plastic from a plastic bag, then overtop I tied burlap with twine. 

4. I already had the french country scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.  I just cut it and hot glued the paper in place. 

5. Wrapped the glass with twine.

Bulletin Board Beauty

I always have a million pieces of paper conveniently placed all over the house so that I won’t lose them.  Of course I always do.  Birthday invitations, Bible study information, save the date cards, and oh-so-important coupons all seem to disappear.  So I finally decided to update an old bulletin board to keep it all together! 

This is what I started with…

This is what I ended up with… 

So much prettier!  And all my stuff will stay put!