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Something Special

This piece is furniture has had A LOT of use.  I remember it being in my Great-Grandma’s basement, I think it had jellies or homemade canned goods.  Then my mom inherited it.  It sat in her kitchen for years, it was right between the kitchen table and the trash can.  So, as you can imagine it got a ton of wear.  When my parents moved my mom gave it to me!!!  I was thrilled!  Not so much with it’s lack of beauty, but with the memories.   But I knew it needed a mjor make-over.



Here is what I did.

1) I stripped it using paint stripper.  THREE times!  There were a gazillion layers of old latex paint.

2) Cleaned it with mineral spirits.

3) Once it was dry I sanded it smooth it out and to prep it for paint.

4) I used Pitch Black Milk Paint and foam rollers and painted it.  Three coats.

5) Since Milk Paint is fairly delicate I used a water based poly-acrylic as a protective finish.

6) Lastly I cut beadboard to fit the back of each of the three top shelves and spray painted them with Rustoleums Heirloom White.

I still need to new “old” drawer hardware for the drawers.  And I can’t decide if I should reattach the doors or not.  Maybe just the bottom ones?  Or just the top?

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Coffee Table Makeover – Old to Beautiful!

Here is my coffee table makeover!  I bought this coffee table off of craigslist for $20.  It was in TERRIBLE condition.  The legs were falling off…the finish on top was almost gone…there was gunk all over.

(I had just started to fix it when I realized I needed a before pic, that’s why it’s standing on it’s side.)

But with nail gun, electric sander, and a can of black paint it looks BEAUTIFUL.  I could not be happier with the results!