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Cherry Blossom Design

That past few weeks I have indulged in two of my favorite hobbies, furniture refinishing and crafting home decor items. With the help of a close friend of mine we have set up our first booth at a local Antique mall, and as a result Cherry Blossom Design has been born!  I am so excited to use some of our giftings and talents to make a space beautiful!!  Here are some pictures of our shop, Cherry Blossom Design.

Cherry Blossom Design

Distressed Armoire


Distressed Rocker and Hand Painted Pillows

Refinished Black Hutch

Right Corner of Shop

Kids Corner


Handmade Tutus and Onsies


Old Rustic Made Frames with Music Sheets


Grey Blue Wood Frame, Set of Three


Numbered Pots


Purses, Hats, and Clutches


I hope you enjoyed!  There will be much more to come in the days ahead as I work on new pieces of furniture and try new things!  I will keep you all posted:). 

Note- Not everything is for sale in these pictures, most, but not all items.  A few things were added for decor and display only.

White Cake Stand

Today I added this white cake stand to my cupboard.  I love it!  The ribbon can be changed out to match whatever color cake I decorate.  I guess now I actually have to try to make a cake…lol!

Wall of Pictures

I just thought I would share my first “wall of pictures.”  I have always been a little intimidated to hang them together in a ‘random’ order.  It’s not perfect, but I find joy in it’s imperfect personality!  These are special pictures of friends…my family…my babies…my brother.

Shabby Chic Frame Make-Over

For the guest room I wanted a pop of color.  A year or two ago I bought a small can of yellow paint for .50 cents at Lowes, so I figured it was time to put it to good use.  I had two old frames that were just sitting in a box.  One is actually a clock corkboard, so I added pics of my babies!

Since they are going in the guest room, I decided to distress them a little to match the rest of the decor in the room.  Perfectly shabby chic!

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  • Beautiful Colorado Homes

    This past week my husband and I spent a few days in Buena Vista, Colorado.  The weather was perfect so we spent some time exploring the town.  We found some breath-taking homes!  Here are a few pictures of two of the homes I fell in love with.

    Painting Stripes on Texured Walls

    I have painted a lot.  I have even painted stripes before.  But, I have always painted on smooth walls.  So, when we moved into our home that had textured walls I wasn’t sure how to keep the paint from seeping under the tape while painted stripes.  After a little research online and a lot of help from the paint guy at Home Depot we learned how the pros do it!

    First we painted the entire room green.  We used Behr Paint and Primer in One from Home Depot. I didn’t tape the ceilings or trim, I just bought a really nice angled brushed and did it free-hand.

    Once the green paint dried we were ready to prepare for the white stripes.   I used a soft sewing tape measure to mark the distance between the stripes.  I found it easier to use a soft one rather than a metal one, that way it was easy for me to go around the corners and I could handle it easily on my own.  Once I marked the where the lines should go I taped the lines with blue painters tape. 

    I used yellow sticky notes to mark the areas that were going to be painted white.

    Here is the big secret!!  We bought caulk from Home Depot and sealed the tape to the wall.  This way no paint can seep under the tape.  It was amazing!

    While the caulk was still wet I painted the stripes white.

    While the white paint was still wet I pulled the tape off.  This way the paint won’t dry and pull the existing green paint off when the tape is removed.

    And there you have it!  Straight painted lines on textured walls!

    For a tutorial on how I made the curtains click here


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